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Pamela Sullivent
Our VBS this year was a blast!! Thank you to Cheryl Lowe and Leona Holly for all of their hard work. Also, Thank you to each and everyone behind the scenes!! All visitors to OGBC, please come again! We would love to have you!
Check that off the list of things I was cnfoused about.
Pamela Sullivent
Great Job Daryl again! the web-site really looks nice! The new pictures are great too!! I sure am thankful for my church family!!
Pamela Sullivent
Wonderful job on the new website design!! All good things come through our LORD and SAVIOR!! Thank you, Darryl, for updating our website! Great job!! Only through the grace of GOD, am I able to wake up everyday to a beautiful day!! you can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"t keep a good woman down long.....Cancer did not win this time``````
Pamela Sullivent
If you are a guest to our Website, please feel free to join us for Easter Sunday....we have a lot of activities planned. Our regular service times have been changed due to the Easter service so please see the list below for all information concerning our Easter Celebration of our LORD and Savior arising from the dead:
Sunrise Service 7:00 AM (on the front lawn)
Breakfast 7:30 AM
Sunday School 9:00 AM
Easter Cantata 10:00
Pamela Sullivent
I am excited about our Spring Festival, which is April 16, 2011, times are 10:00 - 2:00 PM.
Also, we are celebrating "Growing GOD'S Garden" the whole month of April. Every Sunday will be a new theme for the congregation.
We are practicing our Easter Cantata every Sunday night at 5:00 PM, come join us, we can always use more choir members!
We will be having Sunrise Service, Breakfast, Sunday School and regular service on Easter Sunday....Please come join us!
Please come visit our church, you will be glad you did!
Pamela Sullivent
Alan, Thank you for updating the pictures! You did a great job!
Pamela Sullivent
Alan, Great job on the Trunk or Treat pictures! Love them! Thank you for doing this.....
John and Pamela Sullivent
Alan, you have done a GREAT job on this!!! I like the new design and the colors are very pretty!! Thank You for taking the time to do this for your church family!! Together, we can accomplish it all!! See you Wednesday night for our Pot-Luck supper and fellowship!!
John and Pamela Sullivent
Thank you to everyone involved in making Oak Grove Baptist Church such a wonderful church! It is a pleasure to be part of the family. Thank you also to Dee and Ms. Donna for making Oak Grove Baptist their new home. We welcome them with open hearts and hungry minds for the work of GOD in our lives.
Pamela Sullivent
I really enjoyed VBS!!!!! Thank you to everyone who participated in this. Good job Reggie for taking and posting the wonderful pictures of the "actors". Thank you also to the people who worked behind the scenes fixing supper for us all, setting up and tearing down rooms, helping lead the children to the different activities and so much more. If I left someone out, please forgive me. You know the part you served for us all. Most of all, I thank God for letting me live to see another day at Oak Grove Baptist Church!! He deserves all of the glory!
John & Pamela Sullivent
A very big \"Thank You\" to everyone at Oak Grove Baptist for giving us our \"House Warming Party\". I have sent out Thank You cards but this is another way of saying thank you to everyone in our church family! We love being part of this wonderful family!
Christine and Harry
We enjoy our visits to Oak Grove when we are up visiting our daughter in Augusta. We were there Sunday. Baby dedication day. We thought that was great and enjoyed your special fill-in pianist and solo singer(Ms. Gibbs) Looking forward to viewing these pictures on web-site soon. 5-15-09
Krista :)
Mr. Reggie your doing a good job with the website!
Krista :)
I would like to thank Andrew Cottingham & Mrs. Pam & Mr. John for inviting me to be a part of this great church! Now I have a fabulous church family that I love very much! And I really like the website!
Matthew (the young one)(son of libby)
i luv oak grove keek up the good work
George and Martha Smith
Dear Oak Grove and Pastor Clayton:
We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your website. Our daughter Tammy, who is now 35 years of age, told us of your website. Good job, good
people who love the Lord. Thanks for sharing.

I was pastor at Oak Grove in the early 70's. Martha and I have one child, Tammy, who now lives in the Augusta, Ga. area. I guess Tammy was perhaps three years of age when we came to Oak Grove.

We live in the N.E. corrner of the state of Ga. I am in the prison ministry now. I work at a state prison in our area.

Just wanted to drop by and say that I am so glad that you all are doing great in the Lord. Our love and prayers
go out to each and every one of you. Perhaps someone
might remember us... I am now 62 and Martha will be 59 in June. We were just "youngsters" when we were at Oak Grove. (smile).
George and Martha Smith
I think it is great!!!
Pamela Sullivent
I really like the website....Very nice job!!
Pamela Sullivent
I was a guest of the Lowe family on January 13, 2006. Thank You for making my visit so much fun. I really enjoyed the welcome I received from everyone. I am also glad the Sermon was not preached by a clock. The Church bells were ringing and so was my heart when the Pastor continued to preach after the bells stopped. Again, Thank you and I will return Sunday.
I really like having a calendar available with upcoming events. The new layout looks great too!
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